Swimming Pool Chemicals

Champion Chemical Range

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Sanitisers Dry

Champion is a trusted premium range of dry pool sanitisers evolving into a major force within the private pool market.

Bromisan - Tablets available in 5kg packs the most popular treatment for commercial and domestic spas.

Chlorine Granules 2kg to 25kg available High quality stabilised chlorine quick to dissolve.

Maxi, Mini and New Multi Tablets slow dissolving convenient way to treat a pool.

Calcium chlorine shock Easy to use shock treatment or regular pool sanitiser.

Sanitisers Wet

Chlorine Liquid the most popular and cost effective product for the chlorination of swimming pools.

Photograph of Swimming Pool ChemicalsPrevention and Cure

Water treatment does not have to be a chore. Champion has, within their range, chemicals to prevent problems occurring and to quickly cure the ones that do.

Chlorine stabiliser Reduces the loss of chlorine to sunlight.

Chlorine reducer Reduces chlorine levels after shock dosing or over chlorination.

Algicide Suitable for regular dosing and compatible with most pool chemicals.

Long life Algicide Based on copper use at the beginning of the season to help prevent algae growth.

Tile and Liner Cleaner Oil, fats and dust are easily removed using TLC.


There is nothing better than having a crystal clear sparkling water.

Flocculant Granules This can be used as tablets and as a pool treatment to floc the whole pool.

Flocculant Kibbled Coarser version of granules.

Filter Floc Tablets Easy to use clarifier for placing in the skimmer basket.

Pool Sparkle Added to the pool to coagulate fine particles.

Water Balance

Maximum bather comfort can only be achieved if the water is correctly balanced, keep the water in balance and eliminate eye and skin irritation, whilst protecting your pool equipment and finishes.

pH Reducer Used to reduce the pH.

pH Increaser Used to increase the pH.

Alkalinity Increaser Soft water areas often have a low alkalinity level, which can make the water corrosive. Correct levels are between 120ppm and 200ppm.

Water Hardener Prevent grout loss by maintaining calcium levels greater than 200ppm.

Hydrochloric Acid Available in various strengths and pack sizes, mainly used via the dosing system.

Please contact us if you wish to purchase any of the products listed above.